Do you need some adventure gear?

Do not buy yet. Before, check if someone has what you are looking for and borrow!

The duffelbag is an App used to facilitate the sharing of equipment of adventures, sport, travel or any other stuff that serves for you to do something very cool!

Participate and contribute to a better world, with less waste of resources, more balanced consumption and still help someone to experience cool things by lending yours equipment that most of the time are stored.

Aplicativo DuffelBag


  • Download the app

    Download the free app and sign up

  • Create your gear list

    Create a list of equipment that you are willing to share and invite your friends to join you. Such as: support of bike for car, snowboard, snow jacket, stove, tent, kayak, sports equipment...

  • Look for items you need to use

    Are you going to have some experience and need something? Do not buy anything yet. Check before if anyone has and can lend you

  • Borrow for your friends

    Determine how long you will need the equipment and ask your friend. Match how you will get and return


  • Contribute to a world with less waste of resources, and produce fewer excess products

  • Give more active use to your equipment that is stored most of the time

  • Saving money by not buying equipment that can be borrowed and also making others save money by lending your equipment.

  • Help others to live remarkable experiences by borrowing equipment that would be essential. Isn’t cool to know that your attitude contributes to that smile on the face of the photo he posted on social networks?

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