One Great Life
is enough

Live intensely and record your experiences! Who has never thought that life is short and that we should enjoy it by living every second of the most relevant way possible? But what have we actually done? What experiences bring us a smile on our faces as we remember and are always a great subject in a conversation? Have you stopped to think how many outstanding experiences you have already lived? Maybe it's a lot more than you think or a lot less than you'd like, but looking at it and cherishing those moments can be the stimuli we need to actually live a much more interesting life!
Build a lifetime of accomplishments and use the DAYOFF app to record that trajectory!
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How it works

  • Check In Your Experience Record all your adventures and challenges lived
  • Social Find people with the same affinities and who lived the same experiences
  • Discover and inspire yourself Follow what other adventurers have done and discover new experiences to inspire you

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